You can reach me at, or on Twitter.


I provide strategic and technical consulting for Blockchain and Bitcoin projects, and Ethereum smart contract audit services.

I am known for popularizing concern about the Race-To-Empty, Recursive Call, or Solar Storm vulnerability a week before TheDAO lost $50mm to the same vector.

I am a trusted advisor for small to large corporations and individuals thinking about their blockchain, Bitcoin or smart contract strategies. Read my Bio for more details, or drop me a line - I'd love to connect.


I would be pleased to come talk to your group, large or small, usually about Blockchains.

I'm represented by Dagmar O'Toole at CSA. Please contact her for more information.

Former Appearances

BBC Asia
Bitcoin 2013
Bitcoin 2014
Bloomberg TV
Brown University
CSC: Leading Edge Forum
Department of Treasury
Dae-Jeon Global Innovation
European Venture Capital Association
Festival of Media, Asia
Fox News
Senate GAO (Government Accountability)
University of Minnesota
University of Washington
Wired Money