Hip-Hop + Blockchain = Disrupting the Music Biz

Earlier this year, I invested in a company called Heir Apparent, started by hip-hop artist Pusha-T and tech veteran Summer Watson.

Both are humble and thoughtful. Both Pusha-T and Summer are brilliant business people who can execute, and their plan ticks all of the boxes that a typical venture investment would tick. In fact, it was the only straight equity investment I've done this year—Summer wanted to tackle product risk and product-market fit systematically, and with a consumer-first framework. But, I saw clearly how their work would collide with blockchain technology and tokenization, so I went ahead and took a traditional equity placement.

What Summer and Push won't say outright is that heir is a straight up game changer—fans, artists, industry types, and the platform itself will build value together with aligned incentives as never before. Last week, they shared a small piece of their platform. If they execute their full vision, heir is the music platform of the future and represents a massive change in industry business models.

New Alchemy has looked at a huge number of media companies and pitches for media blockchain and tokenization projects dating back to at least 2016. heir, led by industry insiders who know how music actually works—and, most importantly, understand the fan and artist mindset intimately—stands out in a crowd of any tech media startup. In heir, we find a talented CEO in Summer, engineers and product designers with deep mobile experience, a diverse team that reflects the community they’re building, and a platform token that does all the right things right.

I've been dreaming of being able to take a stake in an artist, or even a single song, since I was 12. I think that heir is going to let me and millions of others who love music realize this dream.