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investing, incubating, building, inventing

Peter Vessenes is a technologist and investor with deep roots in digital currency, tokenization, and blockchain. 

An early adopter of Bitcoin (he started mining in 2010), he co-founded the Bitcoin Foundation in 2012 where he served as its Executive Director and Chairman; founded the first venture-backed Bitcoin company; and was the first crypto industry person in the world to advise the US Senate GAO, The US Treasury, and other agencies about Bitcoin.

He has founded multiple companies including New Alchemy, a leading provider of blockchain technology, strategy, and capital solutions to some of the world’s most innovative companies, and Noteworthy, producing nation-state grade physical banknotes that secure Bitcoin and other digital currencies. In 2022, he co-founded LAMINA1 with Snow Crash author Neal Stephenson, a layer-1 blockchain powering the Open Metaverse.

Peter holds merely an Sc.B. in Mathematics with a focus on cryptography, but he reads a lot.

He continues to innovate, incubate, and invest through his family office, venture studio, and venture capital firm.