Capital6 is Peter’s family office, which oversees investments in traditional private equity, the permissionless future, and arts and culture.


Founded by Peter, Studio6 is a venture studio based in Los Angeles. S6 identifies gaps in large-scale markets and then connects ideas, capital, and people in order to build game changing companies strategic to the growth and development of blockchain, web3, crypto, and AI.

Co-founded with Snow Crash author Neal Stephenson, LAMINA1 is building a batteries-included blockchain, API, and creator tooling optimized for ease of use, performance, and interoperability to empower a new generation of interconnected, immersive experiences across gaming, entertainment, fashion, music, and beyond.  

Co-founded with Larry Felix, former director of the United States Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of Printing and Engraving, Noteworthy is the premiere designer of physical cryptonotes representing various denominations of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. It’s crypto you can hold.